About Wallpapers on C6ioXN.com

Have you ever presumed that the choice of desktop wallpapers depends upon a person’s character? Moreover, those images bear evidence of the individual’s essence more than his/her profile or achievements. Wanna learn more about your colleagues or new comrades? Make haste to analyze their PC or smartphone backgrounds.

First of all, take the gage of the shortcuts. Multiple tabs, disorderly scattered across the desktop, witness about the disorganized, chaotic nature of the device owner. This person probably has poor sense of self-assembly. One can barely find a raylet in such a mess, much less discern any object on the installed wallpapers.

The working area with a well-structured template of shortcuts is just the other way around. This kind of visual order adds to the user’s resilience, mental ballast, level-headedness, and self-restraint. It’s easy to guess that such people choose computer backgrounds which would not clash with the synchronism.

To continue, the type of the wallpapers, showing off on PCs & handheld gadgets, can tell a lot about the character. For instance, if you notice that your friend prefers not to change a standard desktop image into a more personalized one, this is a pure evidence of his reticence or unwillingness to open up.

Quite the contrary, backgrounds on different niches speak of the owner’s easy-going nature, readiness to help, pursuit for self-cognition. Meanwhile, images of personal decoration (awards, diplomas) give testimony to the inflated self-concept and inclination to primp & preen.

At long last, if your companion tends to substitute wallpapers by photos of dear people, be sure to have an intriguing conversation. This person is distinguished by curiosity and desire to know everyone & his wife.